About us

Ges Plastik has developed its capacity to manufacture high quality and aesthetic quality products, modern products safety and comfort in building and industrial environment all over the world.

Ges Plastik serves to the white goods sector with 260 employees employed in injection mold production laser cutting laser screen printing assembly.
The company employs 260 staff.

Mold Production
Laser Screen Printing
Ultrasonic Welding
Laser Cutting and Inlay Production

Ges Plastik, with its efficient and highly trained administrative engineers and qualified workers, makes production in the shortest time according to customer needs with the highest quality and most economical stock quantities.

Ges Plastik aims to keep the customer satisfaction at maximum level with its quality and production services. Ges Plastik, which applies flexible production system for every customer demand, can easily meet special customer requirements with this method.

Ges is a company specializing in the production of Plastic Injection Molds and Plastic Parts.

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